ahhhhh haaaaaa!!!!!!

November 14, 2008

ahhhhh haaaaaa!!!!!!, originally uploaded by mattw2418.

oh you have got to be kidding me….

oh, here’s the story. in 2001 or so, i was a member of the engineering team that designed the east side target plaza in evansville. it is a 40 acre commercial shopping center, and is probably one of the nicest looking shopping centers in the area. for the most part, i am proud of the work i did, but i have ALWAYS thought the traffic control is TERRIBLE.

we were limited to one main entrance to the property with double left turn lanes, a traffic signal and the whole nine yards. well, the trouble is that once you enter the development, there is a 4 way stop in the center of everything. during the holidays, cars can’t get through the 4 way stop in time, and things back up into the street. which then makes cars back up onto the expressway, which is only compounded by the walmart and stuff across the expressway. it is truely a “malfunction junction” the likes of which make people from 3 states swear and complain.

well, 2 years ago while working for my old employer, i was asked to help the owner of the development deal with the traffic. the owner and my old boss (total jackalope) discussed all sorts of elaborate things, a second entrance off the expressway, reconstructing the entrance drive, adding other lanes, etc. I suggested starting cheap and just taking down the stop sign for the incoming cars. let the people coming in actually come in without having to stop. cars leaving have other choices, they can all yield. IT JUST MIGHT WORK, i said.

well, i guess because the jackalope didnt think of it, it was dismissed. now, i see… some 2 years later, that they are trying my EXACT idea. now, as we approach the holidays, we will certainly see if the proof is in the pudding and if i was right all along.


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