pre-holiday advice

November 21, 2008

hello, those of you who read this little blog.  sorry for the lack of posts in a week.  i was low on inspiration and ideas over the weekend, and then i was sick the last couple of days.  i’m beginning to feel like the regular me, though.  thanks for asking…

as you all are aware, next week is Thanksgiving.  as a kid, i enjoyed the holiday, but not as much as i do as real life grown up.  an entire holiday seemingly focused on food.  and not just any food… decadent food, requiring pre-planning, elaborate recipes, and all that jazz.  as a foodie, its the gastronomical high point of the year.  and now that i have left many of my picky eating ways behind, there’s very little on the menu that i don’t look forward to.

but alas, we must all strive to bear in mind that this holiday isnt just about putting on our stretchy pants and consuming enormous amounts of food with extended family.  it is, after all, about giving thanks. 

so here, publicly, i’d like to say that i’m thankful for my wife, my kids and the rest of my family… both blood relatives and those of the “in-law” variety.  i’m also thankful for my friends.  i could go on with all the usual other stuff many people list… my health, good fortune, freedom, high-speed internet, etc., but i dont think i will.  i mean, sure, i’m thankful for those things, but i am most thankful for the people in my life.  as we all are seeing daily on the news, “things” come and go.  wealth, security and even some freedoms are things that can be here today, and gone tomorrow.  (just look at my 401(k) statement, for instance…)

it is the people in our lives, the relationships… how we treat eachother and how we love and recieve love that matters most.  so before the holidays even begin, please remember not to spend all your time building your house and keeping it in order, but rather to open its doors to those you love.

happy turkey-day, everybody.  next time, i promise something either funny or cynical… and hopefully both.


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