16 things about me…

January 5, 2009

IMG_6676, originally uploaded by mattw2418.

i have been meaning to do this for a while now. i have some time on my lunch hour today, so here goes…

1. i love cartoons. the old looney tunes, tom and jerry, the simpsons, mickey and donald, anything pixar.

2. my most favorite tv channel is the food network. its probably the channel i watch most often.

3. i love to cook. i feel let down a lot at restaurants. usually, i think i could make a better dish at home for less $$.

4. i dont think i could ever be a vegetarian. i respect your wishes if you want to do it, but i think beef and pork make everything better.

5. i used to never eat left-overs. i wanted everything hot and fresh. now, i think some foods get better by sitting in the fridge for a couple of days.

6. i really enjoy coffee, but am starting to drink more tea.

7. i have always wanted to learn to juggle.

8. i wish i could play a musical instrument. i played trumpet in the band way back in the day, but i think that’s long gone. i learned a little violin when my daughter started taking lessons, but i didnt stick with it. it’s not a good idea to rent an instrument and have it never come out of the case.

9. i’m really proud of the work i do for a living.

10. i really enjoy running calculations. i even enjoy checking them.

11. i make jokes when i feel stressed. i have yet to find an engineer coworker that thinks its funny.

12. i prefer to drive a stick shift car.

13. i worry that i am not a very creative person.

14. i cannot fathom why more people dont use a mac instead of a pc. for music, photos, web surfing and all the usual non-work stuff that people use computers for, the mac is superior, in my never-to-be-humble opinion.

15. i am proud of my wealth of worthless pop culture trivia knowledge and wish they’d continue with the World Series of Pop Culture Trivia tourament on VH1.

16. i am 36 years old and only now do i feel like i’m really getting to know myself.


One Response to “16 things about me…”

  1. Amy Says:

    #11 is hilarious. My engineering hubby is the same way. He is eerily quiet most of the time, but has a very quirky sense of humor that appears when he’s stressed. He’s convinced that his co-workers think he’s insane!

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