life happened while i was making other plans…

March 26, 2009

so um yeah…  it’s been several weeks (or longer) since i last posted anything and i have been feeling pretty bad about it, like i’m letting down the one or two people that stop by to read my little stories from time to time.  i also punked out on my 365 project and have been missing that too.  i may try to make a third attempt at the 365 project in the not so distant future.

for those of you who dont know, the 365 project is a little something that i have tried on where i would take a self portrait everyday for a year and post them to my flickr account.  its a little way to document a year in my life, and i think it is an interesting thing to do.

about my absense with the blog… i started off 2009 with being glad i had a job and thought that i would have a pretty easy year work wise.  for those of you who dont know, i do civil engineering design work for land development.  essentially, i tell the urban sprawl people how to properly do the sprawling.  i draw pictures of parking lots and storm sewers and make sure the strip malls destroy enough farm land in hopes of bringing yet another starbucks and/or quickie mart to every possible busy intersection in our community.  so since we’ve had a serious down turn in our economy, none of my usual clients are building anything this year.  in order to earn my keep, i was given some sidewalk projects to work on.  the deal with those is that the federal highway administration gives small communities block grants to build sidewalks so more school kids can walk to school.  the beauty of these projects is that out of every dollar they get in the form of a grant, they have to spend about 20 cents to be sure your federal tax dollars wont be spent on a sidewalk that in some way harms a historic structure or creates a drainage problem for the neighborhoods or takes property from another public entity, etc, etc, etc, etc. 

anyway, with the timing of the projects and the slow moving gears of government, i thought it would be an easy year.  so, i decided to take on some other projects.  i requested permission to go after a new level of certification in my job, i volunteered to help my brother to remodel his kitchen, i decided to do another semester of video taping my kids’ violin recitals, converting them to DVD’s and reselling them to the other parents.  oh, i decided to finally build some shelves for my son’s room. 

then, in the middle of all of that, my boss calls me into the conference room for a sit down.  i am told that i will help this local city to fix some combined sewers and that we will work mandatory overtime to the tune of about 55 hours a week and that it’ll run until mid may.  i’m glad to get a cool project that will have a significant impact on a nice local town nearby, but i feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting everything done that i need to get done. 

how in the world was i going to do all that work, keep up with helping the kids practice for violin, study for my certification test, develop plans for the kicthen remodel, and all that other stuff?  i panicked and the blog and 365 project fell by the wayside.  well, now the project is past the halfway point, and i’m getting things done.  i’m breathing easier, and i feel like i can sit down and blog a little without guilt.

i’ll let you, the readers decide what you want to hear about next…. leave me a note and tell me if you care to hear anything about the all too boring back story of how the state and federal government are treating small town America with regards to the environmental impacts of poo.  or, in a bold move, i will attempt to explain our recession to you.  now, mind you, i am not an economist.  i am not a financial insider.  i do, however, spend a lot of time in the car and am left to ponder such things.

well, i think maybe i’ll stick to what i know… mildly interesting stories about my daily life and the total ass-clowns that i seem to encounter on a day to day basis.


One Response to “life happened while i was making other plans…”

  1. Carrie Says:

    more stories about ass clowns or how much you love your wonderful wife or more stories about your Toby like when we went to regional or stories about our kids and the things they say and do that make you laugh…i’m slightly biased though!

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