its that time of year again…

March 31, 2009

i think i’m going to have to mow my grass soon.  i just wish i had a little more grass and a little less whatever it is that’s growing in my yard.  i’ve been a homeowner going on 10 years now and every year i think i’m going to do all the stuff like overseeding, fertilizing and whatever else you’re supposed to do in order to achieve a lush, green lawn.  and then, every year at some point i give up and just decide to cut whatever’s growing and think “as long as its green, who cares”.

well, once again its here… my window of opportunity to spread some of that fertilizer and weed killer stuff.  i have a bag of it thats been sitting in the garage for 4 years unopened.  can that stuff go bad? 

anyway, to complicate matters, our neighborhood is a tough one from the lawn perspective.  our subdivision isnt built out, and so we dont have houses on either side of us, but living about 3 lots away on both sides are retired men who evidently mow their grass twice a week.  heck, they even mow grass that they dont own.  its insane.  and then, they’re all part of the old men walking club that wanders around the neighborhood most days in the early evening just as i’m getting home from work.  maybe i’m imagining it, but i think i’m getting disapproving looks because in the past, i may go 2 or even 3 weeks before mowing. 

before you say it, NO… i am not hiring some high school kid to mow my grass.  first of all, they wont do it to my rigorous standards, and second, its expensive to hire it done.  besides, once i’m out there riding around i like it.  it’s a little bit of alone and quiet time for me.  well, quiet inside my head at least.

this may be the year though that i snap and respond to the old men looking and shaking their heads in a disapproving fashion…. “keep walking old man!! i’ll get off this mower and break yer hip!”

nah.  i’ll just live with the guilt and shame of 4 inch tall grass and weeds hanging over the curb.


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