as some of you may know, my brother in law kevin is in the hospital.  he was in a pretty serious car accident.  i hope and pray that he makes it, recovers and can get his life back on track.

i feel very lucky to have married into carrie’s family.  i love my inlaws and feel like they truely are my family.  confession: sometimes, i like them better than my own family.

thanks to everyone for thier prayers, good vibes and all that jazz.  seriously… thank you.



November 5, 2008

i have no idea why i thought of this the other day, but when i was a kid (maybe 9 or 10), my middle brother and i both recieved ventriloquist dolls for Christmas.  i had Charley McArthy… not surprising, the british guy in the tuxedo, and my brother mark had the african-american doll, Lester something. 

all was well until one day when my eldest brother, ron (the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family) renamed him “Chester-Lester, the Child Molestor” and then pretended the doll inappropriately touched small children and my assorted stuff animals. 

good times… except for my winnie-the-pooh.  😦

listen to the sticker…

November 5, 2008

but i am not telling anybody who i voted for.  there’s no doubt that i have competing interests at every level of the ticket.  i suppose that’s why the fouding fathers began the whole secret ballot thing in the first place. 

i certainly see things from both side as far as the presidential election goes.  i disagree with the whole career politician thing anyway.  i like the way that the house of representatives was originally intended: local people being elected to go and serve a term or two and then coming home and going back to work.  i think that’s the way it should be.  i guess what i’m saying is that i support term limits at just about every level of the government.  i quote the sage advice i saw on a bumper sticker: “politicians and diapers should be changed periodically… and for the same reasons”.

that’s gold, jerry… gold.

i never wanted to have a political blog.  how disgustingly grown-up would that be?  so not the way i want to live my life.  anyway, wanted to say to the universe that i did, indeed vote.  i voted my concious, and its none of your dang business.  i am, however, like many Americans today: unsure of what the future will bring.


November 4, 2008

1/365, originally uploaded by mattw2418.

over the summer, started a flickr account. i discovered a very popular “project” on there. its called the 365 project, and the point of it is to take a picture of yourself everyday for a year. there’s a pool of several thousand people involved. each day, you snap a photo and post it to the group for everyone to see. people do this for a variety of reasons. perhaps i’ll elaborate on my reasons one of these days.

on my 36th birthday back in july, i decided to start my own 365 project. i missed a couple of days here and there, but then just stopped one day. i think i made it to into the 30’s. all of those photos are on my flickr page if you want to see them.

for a week or two, i have been wanting to restart and try it again. but, i really want to be serious about it and do my best not to miss a day. i’ve been at it a week, and finally updated my flickr and sent the first 5 photos to the group. below is the link to the group if you’re interested.

it was not intentional, but now that i’ve done it, i’m not at all sorry for it.

friday night, as children of all ages showed up at our door, my son and i engaged in redistribution of my wealth.  after a tasty meal at the local mexican restaurant, we went to a local drug store on friday night and spent our after-tax dollars on candy; thus converting our “wealth” to a commodity of trade.  now, i know what all the good conservatives out there must be thinking: my wife and i expended the efforts to earn the money that purchased the candy, and so by conservative economic principles, the two of us and our dependant children should enjoy the candy ourselves.  and if those grubby children in thier princess and hobo costumes wanted our candy, then by God, they should offer us some good or service equal to or greater than the value of the candy which they requested.

but, in a moment of tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberalism, we stood at our door and arbitrarily gave the candy away to any and all requests.  we did this without regard to the children’s socio-economic background, parent or guardian’s tax bracket or ability to provide on thier own for said child’s candy needs. 

yes, we did it.  we re-distributed the candy.

thanks… and a story

October 30, 2008

wow.  there are actually people out there.  hello!  i took a chance and put up an annoucement on my facebook page letting people know that this blog exists, and i got quite a few views.  i also had a lot of views on my flickr page.  thanks everybody for taking a little time to stop by and see my stuff.  i will definitely continue posting and will add photos on flickr. 

hopefully you stopped over to see if there is a story… let’s see here.

so last friday night was the fall festival at my son’s school.  there were craft booths, little games for the kids and a couple of the big, inflatable thingys for the kids to climb on and jump around.  it was nice.  carrie and i let the kids roam the games and inflatables while we went to get something to eat.  the kids were having a good time and continued to run around and play.  carrie wanted to go check out the craft booths, so i decided to just stay in the gym and keep an eye on the kids.

i was standing there a few minutes when i saw an old classmate and friend of mine, shane walking behind a small child.  i think that shane and his wife rachel were in on the planning and organizing of the fall festival, so he was there to work and not just stand around (like me).  it took me a few seconds to realize what i was looking at… the kid, who was probably 2-ish, was naked from the waist down, and was walking in an unsteady manner not unlike that of a drunken freshman trying to get back to the dorm without anyone on the street noticing how drunk he is.  in one hand, shane was holding the child’s pants and in the other was the kid’s diaper.  i dont know if the diaper was wet, but it looked like shane was not taking any chances and holding it away from his body, pinching it between index finger and thumb… in that traditional repulsed stance people use when forced to carry something truely grotesque.

finally, shane stopped the child,  made him put his pants back on (no diaper, but hey, going commando is better than nekkid) and then proceeded to walk the child around the gym in search of the proper parent or guardian.  shane stopped to ask me if i knew who the child belonged to, and when i said no he replied that the kid was buck naked on the inflatables having a grand ole time.

now, i realize that children’s brains lack the development to reason and think through the consequenses of thier actions, BUT i must pose the following question:  just what in the world was going through that kid’s mind as he was jumping and climbing and having the time of his short life to make him think “hey, you know this is fun, but do you want to know what would make it even better?  NUDITY!”

and to think that i thought i wouldnt see any wang at a elementary school festival.  shame on me.  later, i saw the child properly perched on his mother’s hip.  in her free hand was the diaper in question.  WTF?

21/365 photoshop

October 29, 2008

21/365 photoshop, originally uploaded by mattw2418.

ok, so i today i discovered that i can link my flickr page to my blog. how very webby of me, if i do say so myself. this is a recent picture of me, for all of you who don’t know who i am…

i dont really have anything all that humorous to say today. the internet was down all day at work so there was no email and no taking of breaks. the loss of email was no big whoop, but no internet means i had to just sit and work… all day. i’m doing final changes and final checking of some plans today, which involves tons of repetitive algebra. basically, i use the point-slope version of the equation of a line: y=mx+b to design parking lots and storm sewer systems. it is definitely NOT glamorous work, but it is a necessary job in the world as we know it.

i’m proud of the job i do and enjoy my work, but doing all those calculations in one day makes me need a few minutes of goofing off from time to time on the wide-wide-webby-world… so, you get a blog post and i get to clear the virtual memory that is my brain.