he’s my Toby!

December 8, 2008

ok, so i’m a fan of the tv show “the office”.  it really is funny and i like so many things about it.  for those of you have never watched it, you are missing out on some quality entertainment.  the lead character, michael scott, is the branch manager of a small paper company and some of the things that he says are absolute comedy gold.

one of the things that i really liked about the first 3 seasons of the show is michael’s absolut disgust with toby, the HR guy.  part of the reason that it was so comical was that michael hated, detested, and completely abhored toby and there was absolutely no reason why.  they never said or even gave a hint as to why michael couldnt stand him.  now, why that makes it more funny to me, i dunno… but it does.

not too long a ago, i realized that i, too have a toby.  one of our neighbors whom i will not name, but lets call him “Merle”.  there is a little bit of history with him and i not exactly seeing eye to eye on certain things, but in actuality i have no real reason to not like the guy.  but for some reason, i cannot stand him.  not one bit.  so one day, we were driving past his house and it hit me… “HE’S MY TOBY!!”

so, now that’s the phrase i’m inventing.  if there is someone in your life who you really hate, and when you’re honest with yourself you know there’s no real reason to hate said person… then that person is your toby.

the bad part of the whole thing is now, in season 4, michael now has a legitimate reason to dislike toby.  toby left the show for a while to move to costa rica.  the HR person they hired to fill toby’s position became somewhat of a girlfriend to michael.  but when the company’s CEO (david wallace, no relation) found out they were dating, she was reassigned to another branch.  well, guess who came back… TOBY!  i think it’s funny, but it lessened the comedy of the situation for me.